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06 May 2009 @ 11:14 pm
LOST 5/6/09  

leiabelle: hello! :)
dementoad: :)
leiabelle: Amanda's on vacation, so it's just us for this LOSTnesday
dementoad: kay
leiabelle: plus Daniel's one-liners
leiabelle: how's life?
dementoad: kybd actng fnny,
dementoad: now its working
dementoad: stupid laptop, keyboard was acting funny
dementoad: couldn't type all the letters
leiabelle: huh, weird
dementoad: life is good. saw a trailer for HP:HBP in High-Def on my TV, can't wait until July
dementoad: you?
dementoad: the laptop is old,
leiabelle: ooh, I still haven't watched the new trailer
leiabelle: I think I tried to, got interrupted, and then it would only play the audio
dementoad: mainly i'm having problems with the top row keys
dementoad: i had that problem online too
dementoad: dementoadabout the trailer)
dementoad: it is awsome :D
leiabelle: it's probably on Leaky, right?
dementoad: yep
leiabelle: eeeeexcellent
leiabelle: okay, Faraday better not be dead
leiabelle: *crosses fingers*
dementoad: hope is all we have
dementoad: oh, now Jack thinks there is a purpose for them being on the island
leiabelle: that only took how many seasons?
leiabelle: gorramit
dementoad: hmmm... he looks pretty dead
leiabelle: yep
leiabelle: *sigh*
dementoad: damn
dementoad: stupid lost writers
dementoad: they're from Thirty Years Later
leiabelle: why am I thinking of Indiana Jones? -- Germany has declared war on the Jones boys!
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: yeah, Daniel was doing a Doc Brown impression a second ago
dementoad: i was thinking of IJ when I saw the preview for this episode
leiabelle: "The question is, 'When the hell are they?'"
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: immortal
leiabelle: nana nana nana nana leader
dementoad: hehehehe
leiabelle: I mean Batman
leiabelle: I mean leader
dementoad: hehehehe
leiabelle: Obi-Wan has taught me well ;)
dementoad: awsome!
dementoad: hmmm
dementoad: ABC is Lost?
dementoad: they said "ABC's Lost"
dementoad: where can I find it?
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: lost... lost... lost
leiabelle: it lost its marbles
dementoad: i've lost my channel?
leiabelle: sure
leiabelle: but we're not trying to find north, are we?
leiabelle: ahaha, Ben, no one trusts you with anyone
dementoad: don't blame them
leiabelle: rofl, Daniel just said, "Ben's been castrated"
leiabelle: hee
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: I guess Jack forgot that Kate is tougher than he is
dementoad: true that
leiabelle: heh, Jack should also realise that Kate wouldn't go along with a "let's put things back the way they were" plan because she *still* doesn't want to end up in prison
dementoad: good point
dementoad: nooooooooooooooo
leiabelle: hesitation! that' means he's not dead!
leiabelle: /false hope
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: :dementoad
leiabelle: ah, the condescension. classic Jack.
leiabelle: ooh, burn
leiabelle: nice one, Kate
dementoad: i was gonna say that but the keyboard wasn't working
leiabelle: those two Dharma guys looks way too much alike
leiabelle: Daniel says, "Evil twin always had facial hair"
dementoad: very true
leiabelle: lol, that freeze-frame of Kate looked like that famous Bigfoot photo
dementoad: hehehe
leiabelle: I'm serious. something about her posture
leiabelle: whoa, I don't know what that was
dementoad: i believe you, good observation
leiabelle: http://bloggingexperiments.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/patterson_bigfoot.jpg
leiabelle: \o/
dementoad: dude
dementoad: awsome
leiabelle: thanks :D
leiabelle: ow, that looks like a lot of blood
dementoad: i wonder how long it took the people at Geico to stare at stacks of money to realize it kinda looked like a mouth and come up with the new mascot
leiabelle: hmm, I didn't see that commercial
leiabelle: and again with the torture
dementoad: with guns?
leiabelle: oh, Juliet is going to kick that dude's ass
dementoad: the fat guy? that's all they got?
leiabelle: yeah -_-
dementoad: aww...he's still got the guitar
leiabelle: <3 Hurley
dementoad: with guns
leiabelle: you called the "with guns"!
leiabelle: oh Hurley
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: i love Hurley
leiabelle: me too
leiabelle: he makes the show worth watching
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: omg
leiabelle: that was awesome
dementoad: Hurley rocks
leiabelle: he totally does
leiabelle: I'm still pissed about Faraday
dementoad: me too
leiabelle: stop killing off the wee nerdy ones!
dementoad: no...not the blanket
dementoad: that makes it official
leiabelle: and what the heck happened to Claire anyway?
leiabelle: yep :dementoad
dementoad: :'dementoad
dementoad: yeah, where the hell is Claire?
leiabelle: hanging out with Christian Shepard, I guess
dementoad: probably
dementoad: so, Alpert is traipsing through the woods in 1977 and 1997
dementoad: cool
leiabelle: oh Ben, no one's listening to you
leiabelle: oh snap, "I'm the leader"
dementoad: Locke told him
leiabelle: Daniel's chanting "leader... Batman...."
dementoad: i think Locke would be pretty cool as Batman
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: this is getting unnecessarily circular
dementoad: yep
leiabelle: it's your mom
dementoad: duh
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: that was really pointless
leiabelle: yep
leiabelle: those Pepsi commercials are kinda catchy
leiabelle: mmm, sugar
dementoad: heh
dementoad: is there some reason they feel we need to see this scene again?
leiabelle: gosh, we've only seen this scene a couple dozen times
leiabelle: hahaha *highfive*
leiabelle: "hwhen"
leiabelle: poser
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: take that Ben
dementoad: "ok, that was weird"
leiabelle: haha
dementoad: Ben ::looks shifty::
leiabelle: when does Ben not look shifty?
leiabelle: oh, when he's looking earnest
dementoad: true...maybe i meant "guilty"
leiabelle: I forgot for a second
leiabelle: aww, poor Sawyer
leiabelle: "tell us where Bigfoot is"
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: save us!
leiabelle: "I don't wanna go back to prison!"
leiabelle: whoa, didn't see that coming
leiabelle: <3 Sayid
dementoad: Sayid to the rescue!
dementoad: i was wondering where he was hiding
leiabelle: rofl, Daniel says, "crouching Sayid, hidden bad-ass"
dementoad: hehehhe awsome!
leiabelle: Bill Nighy the actor guy
leiabelle: Bill! Bill! Bill!
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: maybe the dingo ate that woman's baby
dementoad: hehehe
dementoad: they'd better watch out for Swine Flu if they're in Mexico
leiabelle: haha
leiabelle: http://randomfunnypicture.com/archives/fixed/?id=1335
leiabelle: dementoadre: Swine Flu)
dementoad: hehhe, awsome
leiabelle: hahaha
dementoad: IT WON'T WORK
leiabelle: good question, Sayid
dementoad: good point Kate
leiabelle: fair enough
leiabelle: I mean, our density
dementoad: everyone on the island can't die
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: "too" hahaha
dementoad: finally, someone is talking sense. way to go Kate
dementoad: awww...Miles was wrong about his dad
dementoad: i'm glad he realized it
leiabelle: yeah
dementoad: Microsoft
dementoad: awsome
leiabelle: I really like these two dementoadnow)
dementoad: me too
leiabelle: I've got a bad feeling about this...
dementoad: they fit much better than Kate and Saywer
leiabelle: aye
leiabelle: huh, my bad feeling was wrong dementoadso far)
leiabelle: who's Richard Under?
leiabelle: hur hur hur
leiabelle: that sounds wrong
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: he never would have made it past the rats
dementoad: this was the part that reminded me of Indiana Jones,  Jack swimming under water to a cave with torches
dementoad: hehehehe
dementoad: good thinking
dementoad: only this time it was water and not gasoline
leiabelle: for a second there, I thought Richard was already dry
leiabelle: ahaha
leiabelle: snark!
leiabelle: love it
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: Sayid's such an optimist
dementoad: and ours
leiabelle: haha
leiabelle: Daniel says, "This is the conch!"
dementoad: hehehehe
leiabelle: ...is Locke about to disprove God?
dementoad: gotta love a good Lord of the Flies reference
dementoad: is he a Babel Fish?
leiabelle: which would be weird, because Locke is kind of Jesus
leiabelle: bald Jesus
leiabelle: maybe he's a Babel Human?
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: way to upset the status quo Locke
leiabelle: Daniel says, "Unfortunately, there's not enough time in the episode"
dementoad: umm...tried?
leiabelle: haha, good point
leiabelle: what did Richard say to Ben?
leiabelle: dementoadDaniel was saying, "Not nobody, no nohow!")
dementoad: "I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble"
dementoad: then Ben replied "Why do you think I tried to kill him?"
leiabelle: "starting"??
dementoad: hehe, true
leiabelle: apparently Richard isn't the smartest tool in the shed
dementoad: heheheheh :D
dementoad: so, next week's the season finale, i'm gonna miss our Lostnesdays :dementoad
leiabelle: me too!
leiabelle: I think Better Off Ted is done for the season soon too

leiabelle: oh hey, are you watching Castle?
dementoad: hmmm...somehow i doubt Saywer and Juliet are taking off in 2 minutes
leiabelle: yeah
dementoad: the Better Off Ted season finale was yesterday
leiabelle: ohhh right
leiabelle: see, the show's so good, I was in denial
leiabelle: you're good
leiabelle: when did Sawyer and Juliet get cleaned up?
leiabelle: also, awkward
dementoad: i saw a couple of episode of Castle, but i have bowling on Mondays, so i forget to watch it
dementoad: during the commercial
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: wow. that's the fakest submarine action I've ever seen
dementoad: that was so fake looking
dementoad: heehehe
dementoad: great minds think alot
leiabelle: it's true!
dementoad: it sure ain't Temple Beth Israel
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: Daniel says, "And then Charlton Heston came to scream at them"
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: he also says, "I know what. We get signal."
dementoad: can't stop the signal
leiabelle: ooh, we haven't had a good beach march in a long time
leiabelle: haha, I knew you'd say that
dementoad: good point, its been a season or two
leiabelle: lol, Locke is turning into a great manager
dementoad: what bs, Ben
leiabelle: word
leiabelle: oooooooh
dementoad: dude
leiabelle: not disprove God, but kill him
leiabelle: sweet
dementoad: Ben's like...why didn't I think of that?
leiabelle: nice
leiabelle: "I don't speak destiny"!!!!!
dementoad: so now it's not "with guns" it's "with a bomb"
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: but "with guns" flows so much better
dementoad: true, but "with a bomb" packs a little more punch
dementoad: and since he has a bomb, it carries a little more weight
leiabelle: ...literally
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: hehehe