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29 April 2009 @ 10:16 pm
LOST 4-29-09  

leiabelle: awww, ickle Faraday plays the piano!
leiabelle: I think Em was going to restart AIM
Lita 416: THat's super cute
Lita 416: Oh okay
Lita 416: Good
leiabelle: awwww, no, don't make him stop playing!
Lita 416: Look at his little braces!
leiabelle: "You'll see, Mom! I will make time!"
Lita 416: SAWYER
Lita 416: Hahaha I was at dinner with a friend
Lita 416: And she was like, "Well, we better wrap this up so you can go watch LOST"
leiabelle: haha, nice
leiabelle: I was like, stupid press conference!
leiabelle: omg, excellent
leiabelle: "Jack, Phil" --- made of win
leiabelle: <3 Sawyer
Lita 416: I KNOW!  I was about to be like, shut up Obama, nobody cares....
Lita 416: BTW I loved how MIles was like, "I thought you would've invented DVDs or something"
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: yeah
leiabelle: LOL, Faraday does not "act casual" very well
Lita 416: No he sure doesn't
Lita 416: hahaha
Lita 416: HAHA that was a great look
leiabelle: he is so adorable
Lita 416: He seriously is
Lita 416: He's super cute
leiabelle: OMG
leiabelle: I actually burst out laughing
Lita 416: You know I really love miles b/c he has daddy issues and so does my main character
Lita 416: hahaha
leiabelle: um, everyone has daddy issues
leiabelle: oh hey, try inviting Em again
leiabelle: last time I tried it, it opened a new chat window
dementoad has entered the room.
leiabelle: yaaaaay! <3
dementoad: i made it
Lita 416: Welcome!!
leiabelle: w00t
dementoad: i'm at my parents and was trying to use AIM Express, it didn't work so I had to download the full version
Lita 416: LOSTnesday...best part of the week!  Well good, I rushed home from dinner so I would be here
leiabelle: ahh, that explains it
leiabelle: say hey to your parents for me
dementoad: i rushed here to partake in the LOSTnesday fun myself
dementoad: will do
Lita 416: ::claps hands::  LOST-nes-day!  LOST-nes-day
Lita 416: Oh man
leiabelle: lol
Lita 416: I'm so insane tonight
Lita 416: I'm sorry
leiabelle: I've had some sangria, so...
dementoad: mmm...sangria
leiabelle: I gotta say, "I'm... *wince* from the future" is the best line of the entire show
dementoad: hey didn't someone say this last week?
leiabelle: possibly?
Lita 416: hahaha
dementoad: about Miles being Dr. Chang's kid
leiabelle: oh yeah
leiabelle: who was it?
Lita 416: Ohhh look at little Daniel in his little timberlands!
leiabelle: it was you, wasn't it Em?
Lita 416: I just want to cuddle him
dementoad: don't think so
Lita 416: Oh it was me...
leiabelle: oh harsh, Mom doesn't like his girlfriend
Lita 416: The girl is gorgeous
leiabelle: omg, long-haired hippie
dementoad: oh, is that what they're calling it these days..."research"
leiabelle: dude, he can't focus on his work and have a good shag now and then? geeze
leiabelle: haha, nice one, Em
Lita 416: hahaha
Lita 416: Um, so hey let's back up
Lita 416: Do you think Desmond's going to die now that he's been charged with sexual harrassment?
leiabelle: oh hey, Mommy issues for a change
Lita 416: Because, let me just say, I would let him harrass me
dementoad: god i hope not. i like desmond
leiabelle: wait, what?
dementoad: it a journal
Lita 416: The guy who plays him sexually harrassed a crew member
dementoad: in the box
Lita 416: She's suing ABC and him
dementoad: i so called that
leiabelle: ohhhhh
leiabelle: man, I didn't hear about that
Lita 416: Good call Em!
leiabelle: what a jackass
Lita 416: I know!
dementoad: i don't think the sub will work, it still has to be on the island in the future
Lita 416: TWITCHY!
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: "Twitchy"!!!
leiabelle: omg
leiabelle: Sawyer ftw
Lita 416: Amen, my sister
leiabelle: shut up and tell him, Juliet
dementoad: ha, i called that too
Lita 416: Juliet looks good
Lita 416: I like this look on her
dementoad: at least i think so... if she turns out be the "Ellie" from the 1950s
leiabelle: ahhhhh
leiabelle: I bet you're right
leiabelle: whoa, this is way too many loose ends coming together for the typical LOST episode
dementoad: good point, which means that they'll pull several more threads loose by the end
dementoad: maybe they're making up for the crappy clip show from last week
leiabelle: aww nuts
leiabelle: haha
leiabelle: as they should
leiabelle: that "episode" was completely worthless
Lita 416: IT was
Lita 416: I told Jon not to watch it
dementoad: i know, the clip shows usually have some redeaming value, but that one had absolutely nothing good
dementoad: hey, don't know if you mentioned this while I was missing, but how exactly is Desmond dying after he beat the crap out of Ben?
Lita 416: I don't know
leiabelle: I was wondering that too
Lita 416: I am confused as well
Lita 416: Charles!
leiabelle: it actually looked like Sayid to me
leiabelle: so I was *really* confused
leiabelle: oh man, awkward
Lita 416: He's crying!!
leiabelle: I wonder what happened to Teresa
dementoad: i had totally forgotten about Theresa, the lady in the coma
Lita 416: Oh yeah!
leiabelle: ohhhhhhh
Lita 416: You're sharp tonight, Em!
leiabelle: wow, I fail at remembering this stuff
leiabelle: they're just resting?
dementoad: hehehheh
dementoad: mommy sleeping now?
leiabelle: awwwwwwwww
Lita 416: ::snickers::
Lita 416: Not at the mommy sleeping now
leiabelle: heh
Lita 416: I was snickering at the just resting thing
Lita 416: I'm not that cold
dementoad: hehehe
dementoad: "I'm your father"
leiabelle: also, I'm your father
dementoad: hehehehe
dementoad: us ftw
leiabelle: *highfive*
Lita 416: Hahahaha
dementoad: old lovers you mean
leiabelle: and I'm your father
Lita 416: Your mother is an other!
leiabelle: well called
Lita 416: hahahaha
dementoad: yes! I ROCK!!!
leiabelle: you totally do
leiabelle: I am not loving Sawyer's hair
Lita 416: No he doesn't look as yummy as usual with it
Lita 416: He needs to be a little more scruffy
leiabelle: Jack is such a douchebag
Lita 416: SHUT UP JACK
leiabelle: amen
leiabelle: PUNCH HIM
leiabelle: PUNCH HIM, KATE
dementoad: um...sawyer...all the Dharma people were going to die, you probably don't want to stay there too long
Lita 416: HG Wells.....
leiabelle: rofl at HG Wells
leiabelle: win
Lita 416: OH Sawyer
Lita 416: Don't call her Freckles
leiabelle: omg, Daniel just said that too
leiabelle: without having seen what you typed
leiabelle: niiiice
Lita 416: "I've made a huge mistake" hahaha
Lita 416: Oh good, I was waiting for the Daniel commentary
leiabelle: "we should check it out... with guns"
dementoad: WITH GUNS!!!!
leiabelle: maybe that line is the best one in the show
Lita 416: WOOT!
leiabelle: hmm
Lita 416: Dan....don't harrass Charlotte!
dementoad: he had to tell her she's going to die on the island
Lita 416: She's a cute little thing though
leiabelle: that little girl doesn't really have an English accent
dementoad: dude, if i was that little, i think Daniel would scare me
Lita 416: Me too
leiabelle: oh yeah
leiabelle: this is so not going to work
leiabelle: haha, Daniel says, "He's making the little Charlotte cry."
dementoad: i was thinking that
leiabelle: "do you have something for a beginner?" lol
Lita 416: OMG so i've started reading Jorge Garcia's blog
Lita 416: I love him
Lita 416: Oh hot damn
leiabelle: whoa how did that start???
Lita 416: I don't know!!
Lita 416: I'm so confused!
Lita 416: Who would have thought LOST would be confusing??
Lita 416:
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: your gas can asplode!
dementoad: why doesn't anyone ever shoot at the tires of an escaping car?
Lita 416: ::shakes her head::
leiabelle: because the exploding windshield looks way cooler?
dementoad: hmm...good point
Lita 416: This is true
leiabelle: I think Daniel's going to choke a bitch if Kirk sleeps with Uhura
dementoad: i think a blown out tire looks pretty coo too, though
Lita 416: True dat
leiabelle: I'm not sure I've seen many blown out tires
leiabelle: clearly I'm not watching the right movies
dementoad: well, with the blown out tire, you get the jerking swervy car that follows
Lita 416: haha
leiabelle: good point
dementoad: and a possible rollover, or at least the car might flip onto its side
Lita 416: LOL
Lita 416: I have an SUV
leiabelle: and, in most shows, explode
dementoad: true
Lita 416: And the underside of my mirror is like, "WARNING!  THIS CAR WILL FLIP OVER!"
dementoad: wow
Lita 416: It's intense
Lita 416: Also, as a heads up, my computer is being a bit broken, so if I mysteriously disappear, please invite me back if I come back
dementoad: hey, kids in a local school put all their chairs and desks on top of the buildings, and there's apparently survailance videos of it...cool
Lita 416: haha
leiabelle: yeah, I saw that somewhere
leiabelle: maybe on Countdown?
Lita 416: OMG, Faraday is the Manchurian Candidate
dementoad: possible
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: man, his mom doesn't play casual well either
leiabelle: she is creeping me the fuck out
Lita 416: Seriously
Lita 416: She is as creepy as Creepy Sun
leiabelle: talk about twitchy
dementoad: man... his mom is psycho
Lita 416: haha
leiabelle: totally
Lita 416: "Will it make you proud of me?"
Lita 416: Oh this is breaking my heart
dementoad: aww... he just wants her to be proud
dementoad: poor Daniel
leiabelle: I'm amazed at her acting, tbh
leiabelle: those are some complex facial emotions she was pulling off there
dementoad: awww...i'm sad now
dementoad: true
leiabelle: oh fuck off, Jack
dementoad: true
Lita 416: haha
leiabelle: <3 Faraday!
leiabelle: did that sound ominous?
Lita 416: Or Kate
dementoad: hehehehe
Lita 416: ::twirls hair:: how great would it be if Kate died?
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: I love these too
Lita 416: I know
leiabelle: I'm still not nuts about Juliet, but they're adorable together
leiabelle: lol @ Hurley with the guitar
Lita 416: Yeah....
leiabelle: why is, "I just got shot by a physicist!" so hilarious
leiabelle: ?
dementoad: uh-oh
Lita 416: That's a good line right there
Lita 416: OH SHIT
Lita 416: OH SHIT
dementoad: the jig is up
leiabelle: omg
leiabelle: not good not good
leiabelle: mmm, Energy Pockets. Like 5-Hour Energy meets Hot Pockets
dementoad: hehehe
Lita 416: WOOT!
dementoad: 4 8 15 16 23 42
Lita 416: Wow I am super happy
Lita 416: The hatch DID have a purpose!
dementoad: um... i think Daniel should know he can't change anything
leiabelle: ooh, Jack doesn't like being lectured by someone smarter than him
leiabelle: hahah
dementoad: i don't think Jack is quite following what Daniel is saying
leiabelle: nope, and it's pissing him off
leiabelle: makes me giggle
dementoad: it won't work
dementoad: Daniel's plan
leiabelle: wait, what?
dementoad: i knew it. i just couldn't type it fast enough... about the H-Bobm
dementoad: *bomb
leiabelle: uh huh, sure
dementoad: I was!
leiabelle: j/k, I believe you
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: you're right about so much else, no reason you wouldn't have called that too!
dementoad: well, i called it about 2 seconds before he could say it
Lita 416: hahaha
Lita 416: GOod job
Lita 416:
dementoad: right now i have to agree with Erin from before...way too many loose ends being tied up for 1 episode
Lita 416: I know
Lita 416: I'm half-expecting this to all be a dream
Lita 416: And we'll start off where we were
Lita 416: haha
dementoad: maybe Faraday's having a crazy hallucination
leiabelle: I will go all stabbity if they do that
dementoad: heheh... i don't get mad, i get stabby
Lita 416: I can't blame Jimmy for trying to get a kiss
leiabelle: hahaha
dementoad: i think its funny they have "Michael" from Lost leiabellewho got himself blowed up) as the guy on the Unusuals  who is scared to die
leiabelle: Daniel is laughing at "Wolverine's Dominic Monaghan"
Lita 416: hahaha
Lita 416: Oh right, Penny
dementoad: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
dementoad: not a casualty!!!!
leiabelle: whew!
dementoad: whew!!!
leiabelle: noooooo
leiabelle: don't leave the kid!
Lita 416: OH HELL NO
dementoad: bad idea
dementoad: bad idea
leiabelle: I have a bad feeling about this
leiabelle: awwwww
Lita 416: Oh this is breaking my heart
Lita 416: I love them as a couple
dementoad: awwww...how cute
leiabelle: me too
Lita 416: That's right!
Lita 416: Slap him!
leiabelle: that was not a convincing slap
dementoad: ha...i new it!!!!
Lita 416: And good call btw
dementoad: i totally ROCK!!!!!
leiabelle: Em ftw!
dementoad: shut up Jack!
leiabelle: what did he say leiabelledoes it matter)?
Lita 416: The others and their Jiffy Pop tents!
leiabelle: heee!
dementoad: he said something about being used to "insane"
dementoad: so... he can use a gun
Lita 416: Daniel......
leiabelle: oh fuck no
dementoad: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
dementoad: dude
dementoad: shot by his own mom!
Lita 416: MOM!  WTF?
dementoad: OMG
Lita 416: ...
dementoad: ::can't cope::
leiabelle: I watched the whole end of the episode with my mouth hanging open
dementoad: not Daniel!!
Lita 416: Well, that's one death
Lita 416: I wonder who the other one is
leiabelle: I'm going to pretend that the island can heal him
leiabelle: la la la la la
Lita 416: I think that's a good call, Erin
dementoad: what "other one"?
Lita 416: They've said two people will die this season
leiabelle: of course, I was hoping for that re: Charlie too
dementoad: hmmm... don't remember that
Lita 416: One would be a major character....one would be a minorish so I'm guessing that's Faraday
dementoad: i still hold out hope for Charlie leiabellein the back of my heart)
Lita 416: It was in the interview Evangeline LIlly did
dementoad: ah
Lita 416: Hey I have to restart my computer, something's wrong with it
Lita 416: But this has been traumatic
dementoad: yeah
leiabelle: indeed
leiabelle: argh! why do they kill off my favorite characters!?
Lita 416: Who knows, he not be dead...he could....get better....::weak Monty Python reference::
leiabelle: aww
leiabelle: first Charlie, now Faraday
dementoad: i know... if Hurley dies, I am done with this show forever
leiabelle: *wibbles*
leiabelle: omg
Lita 416: I hear that
dementoad: it will be dead to me
leiabelle: don't even say it
leiabelle: I will sell my dvds
Lita 416: Um, I need Season 2.....
Lita 416:
leiabelle: hahaha
dementoad: hehe
Lita 416: Only one I don't have....
Lita 416: Alright seriously though, broken computer
Lita 416: Goodnight ladies!
Lita 416 has left the room.
leiabelle: g'night!
dementoad: good night
leiabelle: heh, too late
dementoad: well, now i'm totally depressed
leiabelle: me too
leiabelle: that was horrible
dementoad: so... same time next week?
dementoad: same LOST time, same LOST channel?
leiabelle: haha, yeah
dementoad: this was fun leiabelleuntil...you know... the end)
leiabelle: heck yeah
leiabelle: we are a good commentary team
dementoad: true that
dementoad: and, i rock at predicting this show
dementoad: at least i was tonight
leiabelle: you totally do
dementoad: i'm usually not good at that, but i was on a roll tonight
leiabelle: you're like, our personal LOST episode guide
dementoad: hehe
dementoad: i gotta get going...my brother's coming in to visit leiabellemy dad went to pick him up from the airport about 10 mins ago). have a good night and a good rest of the week
leiabelle: you too! have fun with the family
dementoad: thanks...talk to you next week
dementoad has left the room.
leiabelle: yarrrp

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aniyabelaniyabel on April 30th, 2009 05:06 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I was a little out of it last night, but my friend managed to fix my computer! I always look forward to LOSTnesday:)