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22 April 2009 @ 10:53 pm
LOST 4-22-09  
Lita 416 has entered the room.
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Lita 416: ::growls::  I tried to make it say, "let's get our Lost on", but it wouldn't let me call it that....how lame!!
leiabelle: whee!  :-)
Lita 416: Good evening!!
leiabelle: okay, so what's with tonight's episode?
dementoad: clip show
Lita 416: Um....I think it's gay
leiabelle: blaaaaah
Lita 416: Who is narrating this?
leiabelle: another clip show? how many is that this season?
dementoad: i think this is only the 1st not counting the one b4 the premier)
Lita 416: I was saying earlier..."The Story of the Oceanic Six?"  Wasn't that all of Season 4?
dementoad: hehe
Lita 416: SHUT UP KATE
dementoad: Not Penny's Boat!
Lita 416: Oh sorry....Kate rage
leiabelle: waaaah, Charlie!
dementoad: :(
Lita 416: Ooh maybe we'll see Charlie!
leiabelle: I *still* can't believe they shot Alex
Lita 416: I KNOW!
dementoad: tactical error on Ben's part
leiabelle: heh, no kidding
leiabelle: Amanda -- "..."The Story of the Oceanic Six?"  Wasn't that all of Season 4?"  LULZ
dementoad: SHUT UP JACK!
Lita 416: See, Jack looked so much better when his face wasn't all bloated....hahaha
dementoad: sorry, Jack rage
leiabelle: SHUT UP, LOCKE
dementoad: ;)
Lita 416: BTW--Charlotte was in the Devil Wears Prada!  It was on FX the other night, and I was like, HEY!  You're alive in this movie!
leiabelle: lol, Daniel was making fun of Jack's "neck beard" a minute ago
Lita 416: haha
leiabelle: "You're alive in this movie!" - heeee
leiabelle: poor Faraday
dementoad: and some how Jin survives
Lita 416: I knows!  Oh now I'm mad--we were supposed to get more Faraday in the new episode!
dementoad: maybe next week
leiabelle: man, Sun's acting in that helicopter scene is so good
Lita 416: I know....but it's been rerun like sixty times
leiabelle: I think it made me cry, like, the first eight times I saw that clip
leiabelle: true
leiabelle: no crying this time
Lita 416: hahaha....PENNY!
Lita 416: I cried so hard when they were reuinited.  Des and Penny
leiabelle: aww  :-)
leiabelle: I still want to know how it's possible for Lapidus to look so much younger in the future
leiabelle: I think your local channel must be ahead of mine
dementoad: plastic surgery
Lita 416: Good call
leiabelle: they're just now showing the Des/Penny bit
dementoad: and he shaved
leiabelle: haha, nice one, Em
leiabelle: is this what the whole episode is going to be?
dementoad: probably
leiabelle: Daniel thinks they should have done a fake-umentary
Lita 416: ::works on voodoo doll of Kate::
leiabelle: that at least would have been interesting
leiabelle: hahaha
Lita 416: Oooh, what would be fun!
dementoad: its like their typical clip show
leiabelle: yeah, it's a pre-season recap
leiabelle: ...except mid-season. they haven't even been off the air!
Lita 416: ::shakes her head::  You know, I showered for this
dementoad: its possible they might show some deleted scenes
Lita 416: Oh, how I hope so
dementoad: wow, good denial Sayid
dementoad: ::rolls eyes::
Lita 416: WTF!  I don't even get to Moo!
Lita 416: ::does it anyway::
leiabelle: mooooooooooo
leiabelle: ooh, deleted scenes might be worth it
Lita 416: It makes you feel really good
leiabelle: it kinda does ^_^
Lita 416: So since my husband is off doing whatever it is he does, I decided to netflix all this stuff I know he would never want to watch
Lita 416: I'm all excited, I finally get to watch the Tudors
Lita 416: Mm....Josh Holloway would have made an excellent Henry.....he'd have to get rid of the accent though....
leiabelle: lol
leiabelle: and grow a more refined beard
Lita 416: I hear that
Lita 416: Oh Hurley!
leiabelle: aww, they skipped my favorite line from the Hurley scene
Lita 416: Whazzat?
leiabelle: "Jesus Christ is not a weapon!"
Lita 416: HAHAHA
Lita 416: I forgot about that
leiabelle: I LOLed so hard
dementoad: i guess they're not survivors anymore
dementoad: if they're dead
leiabelle: hahahaha
Lita 416: Good call!
leiabelle: well called
Lita 416:  :-)
dementoad: you better listen to Hurley, Jack
Lita 416: I'm still stuck on the whole Star Wars thing from last week, btw
Lita 416: Also, can I just say how much I love psycho Sun?
leiabelle: word
dementoad: she is awsome!
leiabelle: she will kick your ass and look good doing it
Lita 416: Amen!
Lita 416: I hope we get more of that
leiabelle: stupid wheel!
Lita 416: Oh this breaks my heart....poor Sayid
dementoad: wheel of Lost-ality turn turn turn. tell us what secrets that we will learn
Lita 416: ROFL
Lita 416: You know, I have Season 1 of Animaniacs on DVD....
leiabelle: omg, Em
leiabelle: you win teh internets
dementoad: hehehe
Lita 416: Serious!
Lita 416: I want to comb Sayid's hair....
leiabelle: I still don't understand why Cassidy is back on the show
dementoad: his hair looks so much better when it's short
Lita 416: She's sleeping with the stupid writers
leiabelle: rofl, did y'all watch Scrubs?
leiabelle: AHAHA
Lita 416: I keep forgetting Scrubs is on
leiabelle: yeah, Wednesday is a big tv night for us -- Scrubs, Better Off Ted, and LOST
Lita 416: BOT is hilarious.  I love me some Portia de Rossi
dementoad: i love Better Off Ted
Lita 416: Sometimes I think about stapling things to Jack's forehead
leiabelle: Better Off Ted is momentarily my new favorite show ever
Lita 416: hahaha
leiabelle: I positively howled at tonight's ep -- "With great junk comes great responsibility"
Lita 416: hahahaha
Lita 416: SHAMU!
leiabelle: heee!
dementoad: btw, I still want to know how anyone can think Aaron is Kate's son. Claire was 8+ months pregnant when the plane crashed, Kate was a captive of a US Marshal, who would notice if she was quite pregnant when they got on the plane, and probably would have told someone
Lita 416: I KNOW RIGHT?
leiabelle: dude, you're getting your logic all over my LOST
dementoad: oops sorry, i'll try to avoid that in the future
leiabelle: I had totally forgotten that Jack and Kate were engaged for a while there
leiabelle: that season must have been really terrible
Lita 416: hahahaha
Lita 416: I really need someone to run over the Burger King
leiabelle: OMG YES
dementoad: that would be awsome!
Lita 416:  :-)
leiabelle: I had to mute that commercial before my head exploded
leiabelle: wtf selling burgers with sex and Spongebob??
Lita 416: hahahaha I KNOW
dementoad: talk about mixed messages
Lita 416: Oh, Juliet
leiabelle: stupid flashes
Lita 416: "a serious side effect"
dementoad: what ever happened to Bernard, Rose, etc?
leiabelle: Faradaaaaaaay
leiabelle: good question
Lita 416: I KNOW!  I keep hoping we'll hear of them
dementoad: Eloise :or Elinore)
dementoad: can't remember which
leiabelle: the white-haired woman?
dementoad: yep
dementoad: Faraday's mom, i bet
Lita 416: Eloise?
Lita 416: I think
dementoad: something that can be shortened to "Ellie"
Lita 416: Where's Claire?  I ask this every week, but really.  Although actually, I know where Claire is....shooting a movie with Johnny Depp
dementoad: welcome to 1973
leiabelle: I keep wanting to do Doc Brown impressions
dementoad: as you should
Lita 416: Yes, yes!
leiabelle: It amazes me that these characters keep telling each other to trust them
dementoad: true
leiabelle: if they learned nothing else on that island, it should have been not to trust anyone
Lita 416: How X Files!
leiabelle: or at lest not without asking a bunch of questions
dementoad: TRUST NO ONE!
leiabelle: haha, fair enough
Lita 416: You know, I actually bought that CD
dementoad: destiny, destiny, no escaping that
dementoad: 's for me
leiabelle: ROFL
Lita 416: David Duchovny, why won't you love me?
leiabelle: omg, that song is awesome
dementoad: Locke gave up pretty easily
leiabelle: I love it and I've never watched the X-Files
Lita 416: Oh that's so sad....I recommend the first four seasons
Lita 416: The rest were kind of eh
leiabelle: blah blah, Locke.
leiabelle: blah blah
leiabelle: because Ben would NEVER play you, Locke
leiabelle: of course not
dementoad: as much as I loved X-Files :which was a lot), the last few seasons made me hate the show
Lita 416: I know
Lita 416: They were awful, weren't they?
Lita 416: I just pretend like they didn't happen
Lita 416: haha
dementoad: you were right, it was Eloise
Lita 416: I wonder if Stephen Hawking is Daniel's dad
Lita 416: Cause that would be awesome
Lita 416: Mostly because I think Stephen Hawking is impotent....
Lita 416: Oooooh now I want Olive Garden....
dementoad: i think she was married to Whidmore and they had Faraday
Lita 416: Oh that's probably it
leiabelle: or they had a torrid affair
Lita 416: Good call
dementoad: yeh, something like that
leiabelle: I just like saying "torrid"
Lita 416: It's a fantastic word
leiabelle: it doesn't get enough use
dementoad: it is a cool word
Lita 416: I inserted it into the re-edit of my novel the other day
leiabelle: nice!
Lita 416: My friend who is helping me edit it tried to correct my grammar.  He got served.
leiabelle: haha
dementoad: i was going to say that Faraday was born on the island :or at least lived there like Charlotte and Miles), but then I remembered that Whidmore was kicked off the island because he kept leaving the island and had an affair of some sort with someone off the island.
Lita 416: BAM
Lita 416: You are so on it
leiabelle: ohhh, you're right!
leiabelle: you are our resident LOST expert
Lita 416: I mean I thought he was talking about Penny
Lita 416: But that doesn't rule out Daniel either
leiabelle: true
dementoad: now i have to come up with another reason that Faraday might have been to the island before
Lita 416: He's an Alpert? :-)
leiabelle: incurable curiosity?
leiabelle: hah!
leiabelle: no, not enough eyeliner
Lita 416: Nah, he doesn't have the eyeliner..
Lita 416: JINX
dementoad: b/c that's my theory about why those "scientists" were chosen for the freighter
Lita 416: haha :-)
leiabelle: *highfive*
dementoad: they've all been to the island before
dementoad: hehe, eyeliner
Lita 416: I thought that was a pee cup for a second
dementoad: :yes, i'm a little slow)
Lita 416: You're fine :-)
dementoad: hehe, he'd need one with all the drugs he was takin
dementoad: hehehe
leiabelle: omg you guys <3
leiabelle: that is the fugliest beard in the history of ever
Lita 416: Is Ben trying to look like Johnny Cash?
dementoad: true
leiabelle: the island insists that you bring a date
dementoad: ha, Jack failed his mission
leiabelle: no going stag
dementoad: he didn't bring them all back
Lita 416: ::giggles::  It kind of kills me when Ben says, "We're going to have to bring him too"
leiabelle: yeah, that cracks me up
Lita 416: Assassin Sayid....sooo h ot
leiabelle: ack not the knives!
leiabelle: ewwwwww >____<
leiabelle: "Jack found new purpose"... and his razors, FINALLY
dementoad: "will not shave until i have new purpose"
Lita 416: HAHAHAHA
leiabelle: ooh, nice VSD reference!
leiabelle: oh man, Hurley throwing the Hot Pocket slays me
leiabelle: and the running out to the cops
Lita 416: Hot Pockets are my weapon of choice
dementoad: yay, Hurley TRUSTS NO ONE!!
leiabelle: aww, they skipped the "whatever they said I did, I did it!" line
Lita 416: Too bad!
leiabelle: mysterious Claire is mysterious
dementoad: that was a good line
Lita 416: absolutement
Lita 416: Creepy lawyer wtih bad eyebrows!
dementoad: that actor looks so familiar
dementoad: can't place him though
leiabelle: hrm, I've already forgotten what he looks like
dementoad: yay, lets all jump to irrational/illogical conclusions
leiabelle: hee hee
dementoad: he's jack's date
Lita 416: HAHA
Lita 416: You win
leiabelle: HAHAHA
Lita 416: KILL HIM SUN
leiabelle: Jack/Ben? ewww
dementoad: ewwwwwww
dementoad: yeah, that's pretty gross
Lita 416: Well, Juliet, their common love interest, has shacked up with Sawyer
dementoad: love hexagon?
Lita 416: It's only fitting they should turn to each other for comfort......::shudders violently::
leiabelle: though, if you're going for sadism/masochism, you can't do much better than Ben/Jack
leiabelle: ...and now I've squicked myself out
dementoad: pentagon rather :Ben, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet)
leiabelle: good lord, you're right
Lita 416: haha
Lita 416: I seriously feel like we've seen all of these clips mulitple times this season
leiabelle: um, yes
leiabelle: did the writers just skip down this week or something?
leiabelle: er
leiabelle: town
leiabelle: typing fail
leiabelle: I can't even blame the pina colada
Lita 416: Okay so I sort of killed them so that I could write the show
Lita 416: ::looks slightly guilty::
dementoad: so, its all your fault!
Lita 416: Unfortunately, I realized too late that if I came forth then I might get in trouble
dementoad: well, you better resurect them for next week to make up for it
Lita 416: haha well from now on
Lita 416: The show will be written by zombies
dementoad: it isn't already?
Lita 416: Next week's episode is called "Brains, Delicious Brains"
dementoad: this show would make sense to zombies
Lita 416: haha
dementoad: mmmmmm brains
leiabelle: I look away from the screen for a minute and come back to find that Amanda has admitted to killing the writers?!?!
leiabelle: hee
Lita 416: What?  It's not like we aren't all aware of the coming zombie apocalypse
leiabelle: my point was that I totally believed the "Brains, Delicious Brains" title until I scrolled back up :P
Lita 416: hahahahahaha
Lita 416: Ooh look, it's slut boots
leiabelle: I actually laughed out lound at that
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: what about the velociraptor apocalypse? is that scheduled for before or after the zombie one?
leiabelle: obligatory CS Lewis reference!
leiabelle: :lamppost)
Lita 416: ::starts composing a velociraptor haiku::
dementoad: i think i actually noticed that the first time
leiabelle: I think I facepalmed rather than being impressed
Lita 416: Okay, so here's the haiku I would write if there were velociraptors on LOST
leiabelle: hahaha, "stop thinking how ridiculous it is" was totally a message to us from the writers
dementoad: his grampa looks so much younger than his dad does
Lita 416: Stupid time flashes/I'm quite sick of this island/Do NOT EAT SAWYER!!!
leiabelle: agreed
leiabelle: HAHAHA
leiabelle: OM NOM NOM
dementoad: hehehhe
Lita 416: Velociraptor has five syllables....how great is that?
dementoad: do you think she's even thought of Claire since that conversation?
Lita 416: No, she's too busy trying to get in Sawyer's pants
leiabelle: I'm going with nope
leiabelle: hahaha
leiabelle: yes
dementoad: hehe, true
Lita 416: Or having a relationship with creepy Roger Linus
dementoad: ewwww
leiabelle: EW EW EW
leiabelle: a thousand times no
Lita 416: I know!  It was NASTY, he was like all looking at her pervy
leiabelle: I still don't get why Kate makes such a big deal that Jack must NEVER ASK HER about Aaron
leiabelle: I mean, if she left him with Grandma, why is it such a big deal?
dementoad: i know, she made it sound like she did something sinister with him
Lita 416: Because Jack's a jerk to her a lot.  Not like she doesn't deserve it, but still
leiabelle: Em, that's what I was thinking. I seriously thought she might have smothered him or something. Maybe she assumes :probably correctly) that if Jack knew where Aaron was, he'd try to bring him back to the island too.
Lita 416: Yeah that's probably it
dementoad: good point, he was obsessed with getting everyone
Lita 416: I love these Direct TV commercials with the guy who played Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development
leiabelle: Jack is Mister Leader Who Doesn't Want to Be in Charge, but Still Wants to Control Everyone's Actions
leiabelle: that was all of seaons 1 and 2, wasn't it?
Lita 416: Yes
dementoad: yep
dementoad: yay, Desomond's going to beat the crap out of Ben, again
dementoad: !!!
leiabelle: yaaaaay!
leiabelle: whoohoo!
Lita 416: Oh Desmond, how we adore ye
leiabelle: indeed
dementoad: Desomond ftw
leiabelle: watching the bit where Ben shoots him again, it looks like the bullet hit the bag to the left of Desmond's body
leiabelle: so probably just the force of it knocked him down
dementoad: sounds reasonable to me
leiabelle: as opposed to "wtf, did the broccoli stop the bullet?"
Lita 416: haha
Lita 416: No point in reasoning with Jack.  He always gets his way anyway
dementoad: true that
dementoad: not all of you
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: PENIS
leiabelle: sorry
Lita 416: I knew that was coming :-)
dementoad: how long have you waited to say that?
leiabelle: *whistles*
Lita 416: hahahaha
dementoad: it is your density
leiabelle: I'm contractually obligated to say it whenever I hear Lapidus's name
leiabelle: LOL
Lita 416: hahahahahaha
leiabelle: I blame Jack
leiabelle: because that's how it sounds when he says it
dementoad: very true
leiabelle: hee, love Hurley's blindfold
Lita 416: Frank's such a liar.  He looks like he's going to hurl when he says, "I'm just fine"
leiabelle: haha
Lita 416: Fasten your seatbelts, bitches!
leiabelle: and kiss your asses goodbye!
dementoad: hehehe
Lita 416: SHUT UP BEN
leiabelle: WORD
leiabelle: lol what
Lita 416: Sorry, I do not know what came over me there
Lita 416: I just don't like Ben
Lita 416: hahaha
dementoad: i love how Hurley brought a guitar with him
dementoad: poor Charlie
leiabelle: Ben is... man, I there aren't even words bad enough
leiabelle: maybe Charlie asked Hurley to bring the guitar
leiabelle: I misssss Charlieeeeee
dementoad: good point
leiabelle: aww, Sawyer/Juliet
Lita 416: I do like them
dementoad: me too, good pairing
leiabelle: I like them now that I don't completely hate Juliet
leiabelle: giving up the smug-and-mysterious look makes me like her a lot better
Lita 416: I identify most with her, but i hated her at first
Lita 416: haha
Lita 416: I loved that thing she said..."Others 101.  You gotta learn Latin....language of the enlightened"
Lita 416: You know, if it wasn't for you guys, watching this would've been a waste of my life
Lita 416: Namaste, y'all!
leiabelle: hee, yes
dementoad: do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?
leiabelle: Ben Linus's mouth!
leiabelle: :-D
Lita 416: Sorry but he looks like the emperor
leiabelle: he totally does
leiabelle: I was about to say, "I am your father"
dementoad: yay, my love-pentagon gets to be voted on
Lita 416: WOOT WOOT
leiabelle: so what does lie in the shadow of the statue?
Lita 416: .....your mom?
Lita 416: :-D My standard response)
dementoad: hehe
leiabelle: hahaha
Lita 416: Well hey ladies, this has been fun as always, but I have to get up early tmw so I"m gonna go to bed
Lita 416: Don't forget to go vote for...whatever....hahaha
leiabelle: you guys are awesome *hugs*
dementoad: dude, this was so much better than watching Lost alone
leiabelle: totally
Lita 416: Serious!
leiabelle: I think the chat format is the best so far
Lita 416: Me too
Lita 416: It wins
leiabelle: no hitting refresh overandoverandover
dementoad: me three
dementoad: yeah, i can keep up with the conversation easier
leiabelle: me too
Lita 416:  :-)   Alright, have a good one!
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